Graham Letto

“This is My Home”: Graham Letto’s Leadership Journey Towards Labrador West’s Future

In an ever-changing landscape of political aspirations and economic challenges, Graham Letto, former Mayor of Labrador City, is vying for the Liberal nomination for Labrador West. With an unwavering commitment to his community, Letto believes that his extensive leadership experience positions him as the ideal candidate to address the pressing issues facing the region.

A Deep-Seated Connection to Labrador West

A cornerstone of Labrador West for nearly four decades, Letto’s attachment to the area runs deep, marked by a resounding declaration: “This is my home.” His roots trace back to his arrival in 1973, a transition that saw him grow from a newcomer into a stalwart advocate for community growth and progress. Letto’s journey was marked by community service and involvement in various volunteer organizations, a testament to his dedication to the welfare of Labrador West’s residents.

Mayoral Stewardship and Beyond Letto’s mayoral tenure, spanning from 2001 to 2009, showcased his ability to lead effectively and make strategic decisions that positively impacted the region. However, his commitment extended beyond the council chambers. He worked tirelessly with the Liberal caucus, engaging with regional concerns and advising party leaders on issues affecting Labrador. Letto’s experience at both the provincial level and on the national board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities exemplified his dedication to effecting meaningful change for his constituents.

Prioritizing Economic Revival in Wabush

The ongoing economic struggles in Wabush have become a pivotal issue, making them Letto’s foremost priority. The closure of Wabush Mines led to a seismic impact on employment, leaving many without work and affecting retirees’ pensions and health benefits. Letto’s resolve to address these challenges stems from his belief in collaborative problem-solving. He recognizes the impending revenue loss for the town of Wabush and aims to work closely with the community to find sustainable solutions that maintain their pride and prosperity.

Diversification: A Path to Economic Resilience

In a region where economic viability is closely tied to a single industry, Letto acknowledges the need for diversification to mitigate the effects of economic downturns. He emphasizes the urgency of exploring alternative avenues for growth, acknowledging that a well-rounded economy can provide stability in times of uncertainty.

Political Ideals and Challenges

Letto’s political journey has seen its share of twists, including a run as a Progressive Conservative candidate in 2003. However, his true allegiance lies with the Liberal party, where he aligns himself with their balanced approach and commitment to social issues and economic growth. Letto resonates with the party’s values, seeing them as an avenue to address pressing social concerns while also ensuring a progressive economy that can fund these initiatives.

Defying Identity Questions

Yet, Letto faces a unique challenge in the upcoming election: the question of whether he truly belongs to Labrador West or if he’s an outsider. Swiftly responding to this notion, Letto unequivocally asserts that Labrador West is his home. From his birth in Labrador to his decades of contribution, including raising a family and serving the community, Letto firmly reiterates his local ties and affection for the area.

A Call for Active Participation

As the political landscape heats up, Letto acknowledges the potential for voter fatigue due to the multitude of elections taking place in quick succession. The ongoing 11-week federal election followed by the provincial election a mere month later may lead to voter apathy. However, Letto encourages residents to seize this historical moment and make their voices heard, reaffirming the power of each vote to shape the future.

The Vision Ahead

With a conviction that resonates in his words and a proven track record of leadership, Letto seeks to secure the Liberal nomination and carry his vision forward. His hope is that the community will recognize his dedication, experience, and commitment to the welfare of Labrador West, propelling him to the next phase of his journey, where he can continue to lead and contribute effectively to the region’s growth and prosperity.