IOC hiring more permanent workers in Lab West

Published on May 19, 2017

The Iron Ore Company of Canada in Labrador City announced 150 layoffs Thursday, affecting janitors and laborers, operator maintainers, and carpenters.

©Photo by Ty Dunham/The Aurora

The Iron Ore company of Canada is hiring more permanent hourly employees.

The director of communications and external relations Heather Bruce-Veitch told the Aurora "This is the first time we've hired hourly permanent workers in three years."

Recently the company offered permanent positions to 28 of its temporary workers.

"Those positions were all accepted," said Bruce-Veitch.

And the "temporary workforce will then be replenished to replace those 28 workers."

Bruce-Veitch said that in total 94 full-time positions have been approved since the beginning of the year, so eventually there will be an additional 66 hires.

Like most companies, "there is a process to go through where jobs have to be posted internally,” explained Bruce-Veitch, but eventually those positions will be filled.