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Polaris Figure Skaters participate at Skate Canada Challenge

James Alex Levesque-Morissette and his sister Norah Levesque-Morissette at the Skate Canada Challenge competition.
James Alex Levesque-Morissette and his sister Norah Levesque-Morissette at the Skate Canada Challenge competition. - Submitted

For brother and sister James Alex Levesque-Morissette and Norah Levesque-Morissette, their participation at the Skate Canada Challenge in Pierrefonds, Que. was one of the highlights of their young career.

Both James (15) and Norah (13) began skating when they were four years of age. The young siblings who live in Fermont Que., a short drive from Labrador West, started out skating as singles. They skated with the club in Fermont but eventually skated with Polaris as well.

The skaters father Kevin Morissette told the Aurora it was four years ago when they decided to join together as a dance team, the suggestion came from their older sister Sarah, who encouraged them to try it out to see how it would go.

For some time the young skaters competed with the Fermont team and competed at events like the Jeu de Quebec.

“James and Norah have decided to skate, representing Newfoundland and Labrador under the Polaris club,” Morissette told the Aurora.

Both attend high school at Menihek high school in Labrador City and spend a lot of time with the group at Polaris, and with friends in the area. 

Both still train as individuals and with dance.

“It’s about 50/50,” their father told the Aurora.

The young skaters have been working with Polaris coach France Venne. Both travel to Montreal to train in summer months. The decision to skate with Newfoundland and Labrador gave the skaters the opportunity to represent the province at the skate Canada challenge. Having fulfilled the requirements they were able to compete against skaters from across the country, the young skaters were the only dance team to compete for this province.

This was the first time the young skaters competed at this level and for them it was all about the experience.

“They skated well and were happy with their skate; however a few technical faults did enter into their program “said their father.

Regardless the skaters feel that they were there to learn, to experience the competition against the best in Canada, and to realize what they will have to do to continue to improve and become even more competitive.

“They left the skate Canada challenge even more motivated,” Morissette said.

The young skaters now look forward to regional competition that they hope will mean moving on to Provincials, and even the Atlantic’s. They are also hoping to be part of the annual Polaris figure skating club ice show in 2018.

Meanwhile Morissette says the young skaters are very thankful to those who have been so helpful to them as they work on their skating. The Club in Fermont, the people at the Polaris club, coach France Venne, Bev Power of Skate NL and those who give such good care to all the skaters as they train and attend camps and competitions .

“It’s a very positive environment for young skaters,” he says.

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