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Want to speak with IOC‘s senior leadership?

IOC President and CEO Clayton Walker using the app
IOC President and CEO Clayton Walker using the app - Mike Power

For employees, there’s an app for that

With the ever-changing face of technology, most of us have heard the phrase “there’s an app for that.”

Now the Iron Ore Company of Canada has launched an app for employees in an effort to improve communications, and to be more engaged with leadership. In a release from the company, it says the app is designed to let employees anonymously give feedback, ask questions and communicate directly with the company’s President and CEO, Clayton Walker.

The app also allows employees to communicate with coworkers and members of the senior management team. The idea is to get workers to comment on what works well, to comment on more of what they would like to see on a day-to-day basis. The idea is to let leaders hear from workers and where possible take action to implement new ideas, and to solve issues that are important to employees.

Walker then makes himself available at predetermined times weekly to answer questions and provide feedback on the app. Walker told the Aurora “so far the new communications tool is working well, employees seem to be getting on board with this new tool.”

Walker says about 800 employees are using this new app and they are getting lots of dialogue, which is what they are hoping for.

“We hope this will help us build a safer and stronger business together,” he added.

In addition to this recent development, employees can take part in a semi-annual survey conducted by Rio Tinto, which surveys employees around the globe to get an idea as to what is happening with the business and what is important to employees.

A separate tool to report business misconduct is also available and is managed by another arm of Rio Tinto, which is independent from any of the group businesses. There is also a way for IOC employees and community members to register community incidents or complaints either by email or by phone (, or 944-8400 ext.8677).

The Aurora asked local 5795 Steelworkers Union President Ron Thomas for his thoughts on the app. His comments were few but he said his preference would be for his union members to come to the union with their thoughts and comments and for the union to deal directly with management and senior management team members.

“There is already a way for this to be done in place,” Thomas said.

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