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Scout lodge in Labrador City closed due to mould and asbestos

Labrador City Scout Lodge closed due to mould and asbestos.
Labrador City Scout Lodge closed due to mould and asbestos. - Photo by Mike Power

The Town of Labrador City has closed the Carol Scout lodge, a facility it owns.  

The town discovered in a land audit last year that it owned the land the lodge is on, and arranged with Scouts Canada to take ownership of the building. As part of the process a study of the building for mould and asbestos was ordered. The results show mould throughout the building, and water damage as well, there is also reports of asbestos.

The lodge is used by groups like Army Cadets and Scouts and Cubs. The facility is also used for many community events. It was the site of part of last year’s farmers' market. It is also used for many social events such as birthday parties.
The matter was discussed and made public at the Jan 23 meeting of the Labrador City council.
The town has made full details of the report available on their website. Full details of the location of the mould and photos are in the lengthy detailed report. That report suggests ways to remediate the mould and asbestos in the building, and other fixes to prevent reoccurrence.
The Aurora has learned that groups using the facility such as Cadets were informed as soon as the report was received and the decision to close the facility was made. A letter was sent to parents of cadets by the cadet organization explaining the situation.

Cadets have found a new location to Parade, which will be the Labrador City Legion. An attempt was made to contact a representative of the Scouts, after Tuesday’s meeting but we were not able to speak with somebody before deadline on Wednesday. 
During the discussions at the public session of council, it was noted that more talks would be forthcoming regarding the future of the building and how the situation would be dealt with.

In the release from the town they say “we will continue to assess our options (for the scout lodge) and commit to keeping the community engaged as we develop plans for the site.”
It’s not known how long that decision will take.  The Aurora will report those details as they become available. 

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