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Mayor Tom Rose discusses highlights of 2018 in Stephenville

Stephenville Mayor Tom Rose
Stephenville Mayor Tom Rose - FILE

Mayor Tom Rose of Stephenville is looking at business confidence and development as highlights of 2018.

He said moving towards improvements in safety and security also started during the year and is continuing.

He was asked what the five most important things were that happened in Stephenville in 2018?

The top on the list for Rose was the acquisition of Northern Harvest by Marine Harvest, which he pointed out is an international company. He said the most noteworthy thing is a $51 million expansion to the operations in Stephenville, which is already underway.

He feels confidence in the local business climate in Stephenville, including the expansion of Bombardier into Stephenville with Central Service Racing setting up on Massachusetts Drive and the new Vision Automotive and RV development on West Street. The mayor feels this demonstrates the business climate has reached a high level of confidence.

Rose said also important is how the town council is increasing safety and security in Stephenville with the announcement of a new traffic light system at the intersection of Queen Street, Minnesota Drive and Prince Rupert Drive. Also, the development of bike lanes in the town and increasing the clearing of sidewalks during the winter operations.

He said another item of importance during 2018 was the town’s approach to mixed development in Stephenville, especially as it relates to tiny home development.

Rose said the increased level of service by Porter Airlines at Stephenville airport to reach beyond the summer season is also a positive for the town and area.

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