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Lab West Francophone association doing good work

Michel Bourbeau, executive director of the Francophone Association of Labrador.
Michel Bourbeau, executive director of the Francophone Association of Labrador. - Gary Shaw

The Francophone Association of Labrador, located at 308 Hudson Dr. in Labrador City, has been in Labrador for the past 45 years.

They have an active membership of 170 people within Labrador West. The organization is led by their executive director, Michel Bourbeau. The association is a very active group within the community of Labrador West, bringing initiatives to all sectors of the towns of Wabush and Labrador City as well as the whole of Labrador.

They promote the self-fulfilment of the French speaking community in its commitment to promote the French culture and language as well as bilingualism in Labrador West. There are a number of initiatives they work on, including various training sessions delivered in French as well as the development of projects for job creation initiatives.

They also collaborate with Labrador West partners to promote tourism initiatives in the province on an ongoing basis. At the same time, they organize various family, social, cultural and sports activities including events which offer the French speaking people the opportunities to meet and chat.

Efforts are ongoing in providing additional services in French in a number of locations, including the hospital, as well as encouraging and supporting other French speaking bodies in all of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The association acts as a spokesperson for the French speaking community and the promotion of its linguistic rights. It also works diligently with many service groups with the spirit of co-operation in their combined efforts for success and growth for all sectors.

Their members come from all sectors of our Labrador West community from people working in the service industry, the mining sector, the trades and all other components that represent the diversity of language and skills that contribute to a co-operative and successful community. They are part of our business community and support our community businesses.

The Francophone association will be hosting a flag raising ceremony on May 30 in front of the Labrador City Town Hall with details of the time and attendees to be announced in advance of the gathering.

The association welcomes everyone and an open invitation to drop in and have a close look at their facility and many services is always available.

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