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Christmas in William's Harbour

A view of the town of William’s Harbour in the midst of winter.
A view of the town of William’s Harbour in the midst of winter. - Submitted

Grade 10 students Zoey and Madison Russell at Bayside Academy in Port Hope Simpson have written a Christmas poem for William’s Harbour.

The poem imagines what happens when Santa visits the abandoned town this Christmas.

Both of the young writers have a personal connection to the now resettled community.

Zoey and Madison’s grandparents were from William’s Harbour and their parents grew up there.

Madison lived there until Grade 3, when the school shut down.

And both girls spent their summers in William’s Harbour.

The poem was written for their English class.


“Christmas in William’s Harbour”

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the harbour

No lights in the town, it couldn't be darker

The doors were locked and the windows were shuttered

St. Nick wasn't getting in 'cause the chimneys were covered

The people were settled all in their new homes

With visions of William's Harbour; places they'd roam

Santa flew over and not a smoke stack was seen

He thought to himself "What does this mean?"

He landed his sleigh on a snow-covered roof

Could this town be resettled? No one had proof

He took one last glance and lit up his pipe

Where did everyone go to start their new life?

He called everyone's name like a teacher in school

But hearing no sound he looked like a fool

"Now, Hob & Dot! Now, Nellie & Bill!

Now, George & Louise! Now, Chrissy & Val!

On Bertha, on Marg, on Rosalind and Free!

Where in the world could all of you be?

He got in his sleigh with a face that was sad

Isn't Christmas a time to be glad?

He flew across the bay to find them all

And the first one he found was Jolly Aunt Laul

He looked through the window, all he saw was a glare

He thought to himself they all must be near

But that wasn't the last time he flew across

He'll go every year to visit the house on the moss

Mike and Pam may be hard to find

There may be a lantern shining through the blind

In the bay he'll find most of the crowd

Carl and Jen will be in the window, some proud

Santa won't forget the town that was jolly and bright

As he skipped the place that was next to the bight


Written by Zoey and Madison Russell


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