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The late Janet Cox, R.N., is a worthy addition to the Canadian Nurses Association’s Memorial Book.

Janet Cox, R.N. was well-known for her dedication to her profession and to her patients.
Janet Cox, R.N. was well-known for her dedication to her profession and to her patients. - Contributed

‘A beautiful person who upheld the Nursing profession in everything she did.’

Janet Cox, who passed away in 2015, was well known in the communities around St. Anthony and on the south coast of Labrador, for her dedicated work as a Registered Nurse.

Her efforts, approach and integrity were greatly valued by her community and her coworkers throughout her career.

Cox’s dedication to her profession prompted her friend and co-worker, Beverly Pittman, President-Elect of the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador, to nominate her for inclusion in the Canadian Nurses Association’s Memorial Book.

“When I saw the CNA nomination come across, asking if we know any nurse, any dedicated RN, who elevated the nursing profession, the first one that came to mind was Janet Cox, that’s why I decided to nominate her,” Pittman told The Northern Pen.

“I knew Janet both as a community member, a friend and as a coworker,” Pittman says. “She was a Registered Nurse who really went above and beyond. She was an example for other RNs in the healthcare system. She did so much in the nursing profession to promote it to a very high level.”

While Cox was an inspiration to other nurses, her compassion and dedication meant a lot to the people of the communities she served.

“She was so well-respected, by everybody, and I mean to say by everybody,” Pittman says. “When Janet passed away, it was so emotional to see how she had touched so many people here in our community and in communities right along the south coast of Labrador and in many other communities.”

“The support was amazing when I went to her memorial that was held here in St Anthony.”

Inclusion in the Memorial Book is a very prestigious acknowledgement. Pittman says that nurses across the country will reflect on Cox’s work and her contributions to the nursing profession.

“It’s a national honour, that speaks volumes to Janet Cox who had a very long-standing nursing career and who was very influential in her career in every way that she turned both in the community and in the work she did. She showed that leadership through and through on a daily basis.”

Pittman says she is honoured to have made the nomination, and is grateful that it was accepted for the book.

“She was a beautiful person in every way,” Pittman adds. “It’s really nice that her name is still being recognized within the communities that she was so influential in.”

In addition to her inclusion in the Canadian Nurses Association Memorial Book, Janet Cox will be honoured publicly as part of the CNA’s biennial convention.

To view the Memorial Book in its entirety, visit:

A Profile of Dedication

Janet Elizabeth Cox


Janet made an outstanding contribution to the nursing profession by her leadership as a Clinical Research Assistant for Hereditary NonPolyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC). She moved such studies from the realm of clinical research to practical clinical care that benefited the lives of countless patients and their families.

She contributed significantly to the profession and health care through providing patients and the communities she served with high-quality clinical and genetic services. The model that she developed of providing comprehensive and fully integrated family based services was the basis for the introduction of a similar program province-wide.

She was strongly committed to the profession and consistently supported initiatives to improve client outcomes especially the genetic cause to the high incidence and premature mortality from colon cancer.

Janet was a caring, compassionate professional and a team player with a winning personality and committed herself to the communities she served within Newfoundland and Labrador.

Courtesy of the Canadian Nurses Association


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