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Grand re-opening of the Lab West Indigenous Centre

Politicians and locals showed up for the grand re-opening
Politicians and locals showed up for the grand re-opening

March 12th saw the grand re-opening of the Labrador West Indigenous Centre in their office at the Colby Building on Matthew Avenue in Labrador City. It was an evening shared by a great crowd of people gathered to celebrate their indigenous community, acknowledge their partners, share their culture and express how inclusive the organization is. The mandate of The Labrador West Indigenous Service Centre is to deliver effective, culturally appropriate programs and services to assist all Indigenous peoples living in or transitioning to Labrador West.

This Centre provides services for 600 Indigenous people who are already an important part in contributing to the wellness of our Labrador West community in the workforce and cultural contributions on an ongoing basis.

The Executive Operations Officer is Sherry Penney with Cindy Turnball acting as the Administrative Assistant and Ardena Cadwell as the Project Coordinator. This is a great team assembled to assist in delivering the many services to all who enter. They also engage with many partners in Labrador West as well as sharing their culture with the non Indigenous community which clearly makes this Centre an all inclusive organization. This also serves to strengthen the overall support of Labrador West.

There was a great turnout for this Grand Re-opening the Indigenous community and representation from the non Indigenous community as well. Greetings were delivered from a number of people representing various levels of Government. Mayor Ron Barron of Wabush and Mayor Wayne Buttons of Labrador City brought greetings to everyone indicating the need of the Centre and the great value it brings through its services with the spirit of cooperation through both the Indigenous and non Indigenous communities.

Todd Russell, President of NunatuKavut Community Council, brought greetings acknowledging how proud he was of the hard work and cooperation of the many people who shared in the efforts in bringing this Centre to the community of Labrador West and all of the advantages it will bring to both the Indigenous and non- Indigenous people in our community.

Greetings were also delivered on behalf of M.H.A. Graham Letto acknowledging the need and the tremendous value of the Centre to Labrador West.

Labrador’s M.P. Yvonne Jones also announced that a grant of nearly 1 million dollars of core funding over the next 5 years to support the Labrador West Indigenous Centre on behalf of Minister Jane Philpott, Minister of Indigenous Services. M.P. Jones also applauded the NunatuKavut Community Council for its successful proposals through the Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples initiatives. This initiative helps to empower Indigenous women in Labrador as they transition into the labour force.

The guests were also provided with some food and music from some of our local folks. It was clearly an evening of celebration by our Indigenous people and shared by our non-Indigenous people that showcased the power of cooperation and the strength of a shared and positive vision. All of Labrador West should join in celebrating this Centre and its ability to strengthen the wellness of our community on an ongoing basis.   

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