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A tourist with a message in Labrador West

‘We did not vote for Donald Trump’ written across Steve Talley’s travel trailer.
‘We did not vote for Donald Trump’ written across Steve Talley’s travel trailer. - Photo by Mike Power

The Talley’s travel trailer is a real conversation starter




Steve Talley of Staunton, Virginia, made his first trip to Newfoundland and Labrador this summer and he was, in his own words, ‘impressed.’
But it was hard not to notice his handwritten message that emblazoned the end of his small but functional travel trailer: “We did not vote for Donald Trump.”

When asked about it Talley told the Aurora, “We know some of his policies have hurt Canada, and we know he has insulted people, so we just wanted people to know we did not vote for him, and we don’t support a lot of the decisions he has made.”
Talley says people see the message and often wave, honk their horns or give a thumbs-up approval. It’s also been a conversation starter many times.
When asked about his impressions of the trip, Talley says they travelled through Quebec, the Maritimes and then to Newfoundland and across Labrador.
He said he and his wife are very impressed and amazed at the spectacular scenery. As well, he says the people of Newfoundland and Labrador are the friendliest they have encountered, with lots of help and lots of advice.
The only thing he didn’t like?

“The flies,” he replied with a grin that suggests he’s seen his fair share.
The number of people traveling through Labrador West this summer using travel trailers appears to be on the increase.

In recent weeks a number of vehicles from all over Canada, the U.S, and even Switzerland and Germany have been seen enjoying Labradors spectacular scenery.

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