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Lloyd Hobbs of Safety NL explains train safety to passerby during a visit to Labrador City.
Lloyd Hobbs of Safety NL explains train safety to passerby during a visit to Labrador City.

For many people in Newfoundland and Labrador, trains are just a memory from the past   

It's been decades since the bullet plied its way along the snaking narrow gauge tracks from St. John’s to Port Aux Basques. However, in Labrador West, trains are a part of everyday life. They carry the ore mined in the area, to the Port in Sept-lies Quebec.

For that reason, the Newfoundland Safety Council visited Labrador West recently to promote operation lifesaver.

That's a partnership in public rail safety.

Lloyd Hobbs, manager of Traffic Safety visited the area recently, and with the assistance of local enforcement officers and safety practitioners set up a display at the local mall to show the importance of Rail safety.

"There are a number of rail crossings in Labrador, and some you have to cross while driving down the Trans Labrador Highway," Hobbs told the Aurora. "While these are well marked, it's still important for motorists to take care when traveling in areas where there are rail crossings.”

"Another safety aspect some may not think of is the fact that there are many people in the wilderness on snowmobiles or ATVs who encounter the rail lines.”

Nevertheless, Hobbs says it's important for people who live in areas where there are no trains to make themselves aware of proper safety around railways.

"Lots of people leave the island and travel all over North America and then suddenly have to deal with trains," he said.

Many people who drive to Labrador West via Quebec are often surprised at the number of rail crossings they encounter in Quebec as they get close to Labrador.

Operation Lifesavers goal is to reduce collisions at highway/railway crossings as well as incidents resulting from trespassing.

Hobbs says it's a matter of respect for the trains, which are fast, heavy, and require a fair distance to stop.

When it comes to a vehicle vs. a train, there's no question who the winner will be.

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